BetFair proxy

  • Do you often travel abroad?
  • Do you intend to live in another country for a while?
  • Did you move somewhere where BetFair is blocked?

There is a way to legitimately use MarketFeeder Pro if you still hold a BetFair account!

It’s a known fact that BetFair security staff may block your account if they detect any “suspicious activity,” such as logging in from a different country to the one your account is registered in. For example, if you registered in the UK and then went to Finland for business, you will be logging in from a Finnish IP address, which is enough to raise a red flag on your account.

To avoid having your account suspended and the need to contact the technical support right in the middle of a critical trade-out, use a proxy server!

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Why should you trust us?

We have been in this market since 2004, our company is an authorised BetFair software vendor, and the security of our clients is our topmost priority. Thousands of clients have trusted our applications for years.

Your traffic will be going through an SSL-encrypted channel from the proxy directly to BetFair (or other destinations of your choice).

Client Area

A proxy is a server that acts as a mediator between you and the remote website. Instead of connecting to that website directly from your local ISP, all your requests to the web will first go through the proxy server, and by the time they reach BF’s website, they will look as if they’ve come from your chosen country. This is a seamless experience.

If you are using the proxy for MarketFeeder Pro, all you need is to tick “Use proxy” when logging in to MarketFeeder Pro.

If you are using it for other bots or to access BetFair’s website, configure the proxy settings in your browser.

You could expect a slight delay in your connection due to all your communication with the BetFair server going through a proxy. However, this should not have a big impact on your experience.